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And I don't think that's even possible. Friday, January 28, Dating Panel. When I told the Bishop I was going to blog about tonight's activity, he said, "Oh, great ," just like my dad would have, and accused me with thinking that I was going to call it a "goofy activity.

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Oh Wait, I Still Am. Anyway, it was set up as a dating panel and we had been asked on Sunday to write down questions that we would like to have covered over the course of the evening. The panel consisted of: One couple, married 33 years, who dated in high school and married soon after he returned from his mission. A year old single man from our ward, a "newlywed" couple, married three years. And another couple, married 25 years, who dated in high school and married soon after he returned from his mission. Questions like, "Is it OK for a girl to ask out a guy?

Out of all the questions in the world, I really found it interesting - or not interesting I don't know - that these were the questions girls in our ward wanted answers to. We live in If you are comfortable asking a guy out, then do it. If you aren't, then don't.

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Where's the mystery in that? Besides, you're asking people that dated in high school and have had automatic dates for as long as we've been alive. I did find the determined answer to be interesting though: Girls are allowed to ask guys out on super casual dates, e. Be prepared for rejection. Other questions dealt with how to deal with rejection. How to get back into the dating game after a bad break-up Melissa's answer: Definitely don't tell him you've had an "impression.

Communication and honesty are a must in budding and long-lasting relationships. People are drawn to positive, fun and friendly people. Don't try to be somebody you aren't. Be the best you can be. Kai Green, post-doctoral fellow in sexuality and African American studies, speaks at a panel about interracial dating and mixed-race people. People in interracial marriages primarily argue over child rearing and gender roles in the relationship, which are influenced by how someone was raised culturally or racially, Hubbard said.

Ortiz said there is a certain hierarchy in the way people view different races. Hubbard said she once dated a South Indian man whose mother identified her as black, and would therefore refuse to call her by her name. What are you most nervous about when you go on a first date?

Lds dating questions

But, more specifically, I worry about running out of things to talk about and getting stuck in a date where there are lots of long, awkward pauses. What to do if the date bombs. Having something to talk about. I rarely get nervous…ever.

My appearance for sure. What annoys or confuses you most about women when it comes to dating? Female friends of mine have said that the person is probably trying to avoid hurting my feelings because they are not actually interested, which is fine, but it hurts more to just be frozen out because there is still that lingering doubt. That dating phase where people act like their ideal version of themselves and only slowly reveal their quirks. Girls will seem like they are not interested and then get angry with me when I stop contacting them. I was once dating a girl and asked her to come over and she made up some lame excuse so I just stopped talking to her, come to find out later that she wanted me to beg and plead to see her.

Women are rarely honest. I think woman are very fickle, but there is nothing wrong with that.

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It is hard not to. You need to be physically attracted to someone…otherwise you are just friends if at all. How do you feel about women who are aggressive when it comes to dating? Do you like it or do you prefer to do the chasing? Again, people need to be themselves.

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And if a woman is naturally aggressive, she should just be that. Going back to a previous answer, it lets me know where I stand. It also makes it easier to see through games and see if you really make a connection with a girl. Chasing is fun, but it gets old. You never need to chase the ones that deserve to eventually meet Mom. The women who are confident enough to ask you out are, in my experience, also very independent, which is great, but I like to take care of people and there have been clashes in my relationships.

You have what appears to be a great first date and you really seem to hit it off.

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Many women have said after this happens, a guy will continue to text them, but not necessarily ask for another date. Why do you think this happens? I think it depends on the time frame. One is that a guy could be playing the field and keeping a girl on the back burner. If you have a good time with a girl but you have to remember that a guy might be talking with a few others. This guy is immature and just keeping you on the back burner. Who should make the first move?

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I think adding pressure to either person just makes it less natural. I think a lot of guys want to be confident and powerful in a relationship. Trying to set a date and having the object of your affection be wishy washy about it sucks. Guys tend to make plans the night before with their friends, so it is hard for them to understand how much girls like to plan ahead. Who pays for the first date? I always insist on paying unless the girl is uncomfortable with it.

Every once in a while, the lady can pick up a check as a nice gesture, but splitting a bill or trying to keep it even feels petty. The guy should be willing to pay. The guy does, it saves an argument and lets the guy show off a little bit.

It might be an old fashioned type of thinking but guys want to show off that they can support a family and this is the first step in showing that unless you want to look through his bank statement on the first date.