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Is online dating easier for single female expats in Bahrain than for their male counterparts?

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Send a verification email to Attention! Send verification email Send verification email. Thanks a lot for all of your response. I think I'm not gonna go with him since this is my first time here in middles east and dating an Arab guy.

Bahrain Dating

I've been in different countries mostly liberal countries that's why I'm very open with the idea. But since Middle East has a very strict rules and laws and really different culture I think I should be more careful. I don't think such a requirement exists in Bahrain; and even if it does I doubt it is enforced. It's not exactly who he is or what his origin is that matters.

Just the fact that you barey know him is reason enough for you to be careful. Sorry to say but he probably sees that you are naive and is using you. I would avoid him at all costs. You may be lonely but I suggest making female friends first and settling in.

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Sorry to the good guys, not everyone is alike but I just want this poor woman to see the light. Jo - you got the origin of the guy all wrong! Shows what 3 major operations and 4 long flights can do to your head lol Same warning though - you don't know this guy well enough, stay safe and get female friends first. Thanks Farhaz for looking after me as always. Actually it doesn't matter where anyone comes from.

I've seen the scene in bars and brunches here.

Men and women alike. The thing is to see it for what it is.. A shag and not be naive about it. He's just working in Saudi. He's a Lebanese actually. And when we're dating. We do not go in pub. It's mostly drinking coffee in the beach and talking about interesting stuffs about life, his family in Lebanon parents and siblings my family in Philippines.

But anyway, thanks for the concern though. Anyone can have bad intention, so let's try not to target a community here please, some might get really upset. They say this is not a dating site so watch out what you do. Anybody can say he is Christian or Hindo that does not make people good or decent.

Bahrain dating site free

There are so many sad stories of ladies that have a broken heart. This is only my advice to many ladies and I have seen many of them From a caring guy. People can be very nice when they want something out of you. Sadly there is a reputation for men working in Saudi coming over to Bahrain for "fun" regardless of their country of origin. Usually this fun includes picking up or having a "girlfriend" again don't want to stereotype but they usually are Phillipino women for when they are in town.

Most will not look back at you once they find someone better or leave the country. Your dignity is your own and we can't dictate to you what you do with your life, but allowing a man you've met a few times to "sleep over" means he only wants one thing.


That in itself should speak volumes. Personally if after a few meetings he expects to share your bed and thinks you'd agree means he doesn't have much respect for you. I'd be telling him no and not seeing him again. Sounds entirely sleezy to me and he's just using you. Just a small comment, it's funny how fast people jump to conclusion. The lady clearly said "Lebanese" guy And Lady, yes be aware of any guy who asks to spend the night with you, he must be really crazy, or worst, Enjoy life.

I find this whole thread quite funny. From the initial post, I think Lady wanted to know if she'd get into trouble with the police for it but most of the replies have been about wether she should shag this guy or not! I think it was more about concern for her because of the situation she has met this person in The advise she has obtained has been good and helpful due to the regular contributors we have here.

This is exactly what this site is here for, to help those in need of advise. I agree with fchaudari76 comments. I assume that the laws on dating and what you can and can't do As for just dating you should see who ever you like and whenever but always be careful and keep things public at first for safety reasons. That goes for guys as well as girls.