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But it is important to note, that none of these examples presented same-sex relationships on screen. It also helped so many parents of gay children to accept their gay kids. But in the realm of reality dating shows in Australia, same-sex relationships are all but invisible at best and exiled at worst. Can't wait to start this adventure as The Bachelor!

I hope to meet someone amazing. This will be a wild experience, get excited!

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S reality program Playing It Straight one woman spent time with a group of men in an attempt to discern which of them were gay- with all of the homosexual men pretending to be heterosexual. For the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises at home and in the United States, there is no same-sex version on the horizon.

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In a promising move, Channel Nine indicated last year that they will include same-sex couples in dating reality series, Married at First Sight. As attitudes evolve and equality takes preference, a more egalitarian and realistic representation of dating standards should follow. Image via Herald Sun. Is she being trolled on national television? Ten people "skip the awkward dates" Because that's much less awkward. Four expertly-matched couples meet for the first time on their "wedding day" though they are not legally hitched. After living together, and with guidance from psychologists, they decide whether to continue their relationship.

Eight marriages, ten babies, three long-term relationships: Farmer has more runs on the board than its competitors. And this season yields more success stories.

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Farmer Lachlan, the former Married at First Sight contestant now trying his luck on a different Nine dating show. In Australia, The Bachelor is billed a "family show". In the US, it's unashamedly adult.

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Which explains the "fantasy suite", a camera-free room where the star and his lady-of-choice can spend the night. White women named Amber or Lauren usually around comprise about 80 per cent of the contestants.

One bloke takes his pick from a harem of women. Appalling, if it weren't for the fact everyone watches ironically. A woman taking her pick from a bunch of blokes. Last year's debut out-rated all three seasons of The Bachelor, though it ran for a paltry 10 episodes.

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Now, it gets the full season it deserves. The identity of this year's bachelorette. Ten could do worse than go with firecracker Laurina, a former Bachelor contestant. A pixilation-heavy program in which nude heterosexual couples go on dates. Awkwardness, hilarity and occasionally sex ensues. The things that get stuck on, or in, uncomfortable places.

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Proof that clothes are less a social construct and more a requirement of comfort. A bit like Dating Naked, but more European in both language and sensibility.

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Which means no prudish pixilation. This compellingly-frank dating show drew 50 million viewers in China, with one contestant telling a suitor she'd "prefer to cry in a BMW" than laugh on the back of a motorcycle. The Amazing Race meets The Bachelor , with 20 singles roaming nine exotic destinations. They proceed to the next stop by winning challenges, and the victors get to choose their dates. Why do couples use webcam to broadcast themselves having sex? Why do men become gigolos? Billed as an "intricate and warm-hearted study of modern love", this series is hosted by Emmy winner Charlie Russell.

Narrated by actor Marta Dusseldorp, it follows the intimate milestones that occur inside the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

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Activist Norrie, who won a High Court battle to be classified as "sex non-specific", demanding an official marriage interview with partner Sam. Comedian Luke McGregor, 33, has had sex three times So he goes on a journey to get better at it. This is "conscious uncoupling", reality TV-style. Vikki Ziegler, who presents herself as a "celebrity divorce attorney" promises "dignity" to couples who are "deadlocked in divvying up their most-prized possessions, ranging from the family pet pig to a Lamborghini".

Attractive young people are lured to an island with the promise of new romance. Then producers spring their disgruntled ex-lovers on them. Everyone realises they're trapped. In love with love: Why dating shows are the new stars of prime time. The Sydney Morning Herald.

Australian audiences are in love — with love. Kiss Bang Love Seven, later this year.