Dating your best friends younger sister

Originally Posted by Fellowcitizen. I'm guessing you would have to choose between him or her. She would understand you if you didn't want to meet up, maybe it's even a trap.. Originally Posted by barrylol. Both adults, nothing to hide. Only his business cause you're mates, he should be happy that his sister is dating a great guy. My brother has been dating his best friend's sister for over a decade now.

How to Ask Your Friend's Sister on a Date | Dating Tips

Oh well he's secured that 1 spot in dental school and will make a bank as a dental surgeon once he graduates most likely so I guess his friend can't complain. Really shows your character as a man.. Originally Posted by PervedOut.

What about hiding the purple-helmeted warrior? Would I throw a fit if my sister decided to date a friend?

Dating Your Best Friend’s Brother: Is That Acceptable Or Too Close For Comfort?

No way, I might tell her about what I thought of them in a relationship but it is up to her to heed my counsel or not. I don't control her life. The inevitable break up would be a sure fire way to lose a friend however as there is little to no chance of me taking a friends side over my sisters. Yes,because the only sister I have is a Russian step sister who I'm pretty sure hates me and is older than me.

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Would you let your friend date your sister? Is this good or bad? If your sister has a boyfriend and it's one of your friends, that's great. Two people that can make their own decisions I have no say in the matter. Does the sister not get a call in all this? Sure, why the hell not?

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  • No I wouldn't, seeing as my sister is eight years old. If they want to although i don't have a sister so it might be a bit difficult: One of my friends has dated my sister, I didn't care. Lost In The Void. No, but probably because she's 5 years old. That'd just be creepy.

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    No because I know how my friends think. My friends are 18 upwards and my sister is So no, definately not. I've known her for a long time, but we don't really talk to each other aside from the greetings every time I see her. I just so happen to saw her at a party about a month ago and we conversed a bit.

    I am actually really curious to get to know her more. In all honestly, what I want most right now is to get to know her more and to see whether or not we're compatible. The last thing I would want to do is to make things awkward between me, her and my friend. At the end of the day, if I find that we're not compatible, at least I got to get to know her better. How should I go about this?

    Do you believe that the male in the relationship has to be the one to make a move first?

    To be frank, I am a bit intimidated from starting a conversation with her. Like I said earlier, I wouldn't want to make it awkward between me and my best friend.

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    Share Share this post on Digg Del. It's likely to be awkward between you and your best friend if you date his sister, but if you like the girl then you need to decide which is ultimately most important to you - a chance with her or your best friend's comfort. He may still be your best friend while you are dating her.

    On the other hand, he might flip. Should you tell him before trying to get to know her or ask her out, or should you wait until you have asked her out? Probably best to say you are going to ask her out or are interested in doing so in such a way that he can't interpret it as asking his permission. If it appears you are asking permission, he could say no and then where would you be?

    You're a grown up now, you need to determine what matters to you in life and go for it.


    Well most would recommend you talk to your friend first and see how he feels about you having an interest in his sister. This will save you from making things too awkward. I say go for it and TBH it's not as a big deal as you think. You will be OK. Go into this with confidence.

    I feel we are old enough to make our own decisions. For now I guess I want to just get to know her, doesn't have to be any kind of formal date and it could just be a hang out or coffee. I never had trouble asking out a girl, but the majority of the girls I've asked out, especially the ones during college were people who I have never met before or I have just met recently.

    I have known his sister well over a decade and it feels like a mental block that I known her for so long, yet I don't actually know her too well, but I want to get to know her but I feel a bit intimidated.