Wot vk 3601 matchmaking

Well, the weekend special on training made up my mind for me.

I unlocked the So, my first couple days with the Sounds like a fun weekend to me: Vindicationn 12 Posted May 31 - Here is a SS of me playing the h like a hulldown Sniper. I got ammo racked and my gun damage twice fixed it once otherwise the damage could have been alot better.

WOTINFO - Weak points of VK (H)

The upgraded turret is really good. I did unlock the I'll probably try both in time, but the They both look like fun to be honest.

Tullus 14 Posted Jun 03 - I've played the VI Played both the vk30's has snipers early game and switched to flanking, if I survived, for late game play. Both vk30's have good speed and guns. And, they are found to be lacking when it comes to armor. I played the vk36 after the vk30's. The Konisch is a good gun for sniping. The vk36 armor is better than what either of the vk30's have.

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You can brawl with the vk36, but it is NOT a heavy. Don't expect to take a lot of hits. The vk 36 plays a bit slower than the vk30's.

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  7. It can do flanker duties. I did sell all of my medium vk's to raise credits for other tanks. I bought back the vk36 this weekend, because I found it to be the most fun to play. Thanks for the heads up on play style differences. I'll be giving the Bravo4zero 16 Posted Jun 04 - The VK30 is not played like this. Investing ur free xp is great. If you angle it in a dime formation you can get tons of bounces.

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    VKm is the best medium tank I ve ever played so far ofc except type VKH was the best tier 6 med, even without the stupidly overpowered gold-konish. The replacement is abysmal and I've sold it just after trying it for a few battles. The tank is weak and isn't fun.

    Same thing with the VK H after rebalancing. The old one wasn't as good as but still quite fun tank to drive. The new one is probably more powerful than the old, pound for pound, but it's so sluggish, doesn't have proper heavy armour, so it's not as bad as vk , but it's not a keeper. Vestrick64 8 Posted 03 October - Another one like a panther - so now we've got Panther, Panther 2, premium Panther, vk, light panther, vk d a panther with a bit of armour and some other panther which i can't remember. So it's 7 panthers in this game so far and two panther tank destroyers.

    Lots of possibilities to "prepare yourself for a panther": It is no more "OP" tier 6 tanks anymore! And no, the KV-1s is not OP at all!

    VK 30.02(M), a worthy replacement for VK 36.01(H) as med?

    Ast3r09 12 Posted 03 October - Steffenximus 13 Posted 03 October - VK36 with the pre-nerf konish was a strong T6 tank, it was capable of taking on any heavy. If VK30 M had same hull armor as Panther then it would be a good tank, despite the low alpha, which is a huge disadvantage for any tank.

    World of Tanks VK 36.01 (H) - 7 Kills 4K Damage

    Edited by Steffenximus, 03 October - BattleMetalChris 14 Posted 03 October - Addicus 15 Posted 03 October - I think of the VK Beautiful, but really not as good as the car I had before. People, I really do not know what you are talking about Admit the old VKH was one of my favourites, but it is still with the extra HP it can take out easily any T6, also the VKH is a monster in T5 with silly OP konisch gun and the VK M is a very good replacement and it needs only minor play style adjustments to be a competitive T6.

    The chassis was also used in armored recovery vehicles. This tank was the first prototype of Germany 's Pz. It's a average combat tank, without any particular strongpoint. It is very prone to being ammo racked and having its crew members killed. Since the armour is not sloped at all, it is always recommended to partially angle your armour to 30 degrees in this tank. The transformation into a Heavy Tank was not good for the VK Its armor remains worthless and the DPM increase cannot compensate for the fact that the 8,8 cm gun is a very poor choice compared to competing heavies on the tier.

    The 8,8 cm guns lack the accuracy to make its poor penetration work and its unimpressive alpha means that there are tier 5 tanks that can out trade you. Hitpoints may be above average, but then the majority of tier 4 tanks can hurt you at any range. The armor is so lousy, you have the real risk of getting oneshotted by mm howitzers found on the KV2 and O-I.

    For a sniper, the camo rating of the tank is far to bad. Sidescraping can work due to the armor scheme. While its top speed is only slightly slower than most medium tanks of its tier, its traverse speed is abysmal. This makes the VK It follows the German doctrine of long range firepower, so one way to counter this tank is to isolate it and then engage it close up with multiple opponents.