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I stand no chance in online dating when I'm competing against countless of attractive guys.

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Gay guy here so I'm also attracted to the competition! I think I'm average-looking, and all the "hot" guys don't give me a chance while all the "ugly" guys don't either.

The stats show this isn't the case. From what I've seen men are much more open to dating other races, compared to women who prefer to date within their own races or white guys.

Look I dont disagree esp the average isn't enough comment but to play devils advocate here: I say this because i have tried online dating in remote, regional areas. Nobody is interested in long distance. Let me be clear about that.

How To Beat Your Online Dating Competition And Get To Him First

If anything, online dating opens the pool up even more, but you're still competing against the same pool of people. They just have a slightly easier time of advertising themselves. I see so many travelers popup on Tinder. I know that people miles away are at the airport, so I avoid them as they are just passing through.

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The app would be so much better if I could view only real locals. The apps still widen your pool though. Especially if you have atrocious social skills. You may know like 3 women in your every day life, but a dating app would at least show your mug to a far larger number of women. Maybe one of those is crazy enough to like you. Sum up all the dating apps and real life experience, realize no one has any romantic interest in you after years of trying It sucks cause that just adds to the futility of our situation. Like bettering yourself and trying to be proactive is pointless. Well I already think the latter.

There's no reason to believe that any woman has an interest in me. But maybe 1 does. Online dating is viciously efficient. You will get matched with the person the market dictates that you can get. Nobody gets lucky anymore and pulls a partner with a higher SMV than they "deserve".

None of the people I know who I'd say are equally attractive to me met their SO's online Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a LINK here. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. ForeverAlone subscribe unsubscribe , readers users here now A subreddit for Forever Alone. Click Here to Enter Rules: Be polite, friendly and welcoming. Do not post your dick. View the Study Faces added for comments can be seen here Need a date?

Try out Forever Alone Dating! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Men out number women at least 2 to 1 on dating sites. Because women have so much choice, they often pay no intention to men they might pay intention to in real life. I have a real life example of exactly that happening.

Had a woman approach me and talk to me at a bar. She was obviously interested. I later saw her profile on a dating site. Based on her requirements on the dating site, I was both too short and too old for her. Originally Posted by DennyCrane. So you're worried about wasting time? Well imagine going on several dates with someone, you're attracted to each other, have chemistry, you even sleep together.

But after a month, you discover some major deal breaker like you want kids and he doesn't. Or he's a Democrat and you're a Republican. Or you're Catholic and he's Jewish. Maybe none of those differences matter to you.

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But if they do, isn't it better to find out before you waste your time on this person or get too emotionally invested? Chemistry is great and it's hard to have it with someone you haven't met in person.

You find yourself a popular social dating site where you can see everything everyone is saying.

But it can also cloud your thinking. Sure, two people can sound great together on paper, but have no chemistry. But you could also have two people with great chemistry who aren't compatible in the long run. That's why online dating appeals to so many. People value their time and don't want to waste it on someone who's all wrong for them, even if they have chemistry.

It does wonders for one's ego and confidence. I have never been hit on or asked out by a woman or ever really been called attractive. So, for somebody like me, coming even from a woman that other guys call 'pigs', 'dogs', 'horses', 'name your farm animal' it'd be quite a compliment. I'd almost definitely give that woman a chance. Of course, it doesn't work like that. Originally Posted by ocnjgirl. I don't think this experiment is valid, only because they measured results by the amount of messages their fake female profiles generated compared to the amount of unsolicited messages the fake male profiles received.

But it doesn't take into account that many women me included don't message men first. That's why I look at compatibility as well as chemistry and right away get into topics.

How To Beat Your Online Dating Competition And Get To Him First

For example like me my boyfriend is Catholic and Libertarian and we discussed this early. In fact I discuss things early on and see what happens. Not everyone does this. Politics and religion aren't exactly first date topics. So no matter what, you're going to waste some time on a person who you're not compatible with. That's just a reality of dating.