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For security reasons, I recommend you change your Raspberry Pi's default password. You can now connect to OctoPrint to view the OctoPrint interface. From your regular computer, make sure you're on the same network as your Pi, and then visit http: You can also access the SSL-encrypted version at https: Use this to set a secure username and password for Access Control.

Even if your printer will not be accessible from an external network, I recommend you set this up. This will ping Google's DNS server periodically to ensure your Pi is online, aborting intensive operations if it is not. Enable it, and leave it at the default 15 minutes interval.

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This setting prevents unsigned or potentially malicious plugins from being installed on your Pi. I recommend enabling this. OctoPrint supports slicing directly on the Pi using the open-source CuraEngine. If you plan on slicing directly from within OctoPrint, you'll want to import a slicing profile for your printer.

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Finally, browse for and select this file in the OctoPrint wizard. At the moment, only older versions of Cura can export the.

If your Cura outputs a. If this is the case, continue with the setup process and you can enable slicing later.

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If you aren't sure of your printer's specifications, open your normal slicing program like Cura to view the settings or do a quick Google search. I'm using the Creality Ender 3 with OctoPrint and my settings are as follows:. However, you can if you choose; remember the Axes speed settings are per minute, whereas the settings in most slicing programs are per second. If your printer is an Ender 3, I wrote a separate guide that covers using the Ender 3 with OctoPrint in greater detail.

OctoPrint: Control your 3D printer remotely with Raspberry Pi and OctoPi

Now we can connect our Pi to our printer! Obviously, this will allow OctoPrint to send commands to and control your printer. I have no idea why so many electronics still use Mini USB Perhaps some factory made too many Mini USB ports 10 years ago. Ensure the cable you use supports data some cheaper cables only support charging.

One of the most exciting things about using OctoPrint is live watching prints remotely and recording prints. So, let's hook up a Raspberry Pi camera. Of course, this is optional but highly recommended. First, shut down and unplug your Pi.

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Do not attempt to connect the camera while your Pi is powered. Then, connect the camera to your Pi and reboot it. You should now see the webcam streaming by visiting the OctoPrint Control tab: Use our 3D model library to discover everything you can do with a 3D printer. You don't know how to make a 3D file but you want to 3D print objects?

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Cults is for you! Browse our different categories and download the best 3D printer models for free , open-source or paid mode, in. SCAD format, they are all 3D printable guaranteed. We are connecting 3D print files makers with people who want to use their 3D printer.

Download & Setup OctoPrint

Our 3D model repository acts as a real source of inspiration since the best designers share their best STL files daily to offer you their latest inventions! You are a 3D designer and you want to sell your 3D models? With Cults you can make money with 3D printing and your 3D files! Then, the makers can publish their photos of the 3D printed parts by revealing their 3D printing parameters, their ideas for post-production, their uses of the objects, etc.

You can add more printers as you need.

‎MP 3D Printer WiFi Connect on the App Store

Start your print and Cura Connect finds the right 3D printer, or prompts you if you need to change materials or print cores. Queue multiple jobs and track progress as they print. Get the best performance from your 3D printers. No more wasted time starting each print, and scheduled maintenance tasks keep your 3D printers in top condition. With Cura Connect and our range of network-enabled 3D printers, you can easily scale your 3D printing operations — from managing a single 3D printer, to a whole studio.