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Seven months have passed without so much as a just-checking-in e-mail from Boston Matchmakers. Bluthardt recalls a lot of fast-talking from Boston Matchmakers. What bothers me is that I got a lot of fast-talking, too.

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A company representative insisted to me that she had been in touch with Bluthardt as recently as two months ago. Turns out it was almost seven months.

For $1,, Boston dating service disappoints a client - The Boston Globe

The matchmaker may have confused Bluthardt with someone else or was trying to bluff me. Neither is a good thing. Bluthardt struck me as a really nice guy, though a bit naive and diffident. So I felt he was on the level.

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I made it perfectly clear who I was, following up on a complaint from someone who felt ripped off by them. As I described Bluthardt without mentioning his name, Brenan McGarrigle, one of the matchmakers, cut me off: It amazed me that McGarrigle almost instantly knew whom I was talking about.

I imagined Boston Matchmakers had far too many clients for McGarrigle to recognize someone only by description. She later told me Boston Matchmakers has hundreds of clients.

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McGarrigle went on to say that one huge obstacle to finding dates for Bluthardt was that he is a smoker. I never asked Bluthardt if he smoked.

I asked McGarrigle to double-check her files. At times, Michelle was my therapist, holding my hand through the challenging world of online dating.

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I am getting married in a few weeks to someone I met online and I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have met the love of my life if it were not for Michelle's coaching and expertise. She changed my life!! So thank you for seeing that we should be an us before we even knew each other. Date Coaching Date Coaching is our most comprehensive program teaching you how to become your own advocate and matchmaker.

So what does a billionaire have to do to find love?

For $1,000, Boston dating service disappoints a client

All they have to do is get in touch with one of these high end matchmakers that promise to find you that special someone. But these deluxe services are not for everyone, the ultra-exclusive services are only for people ready to shell out big bucks to find the perfect partner. This includes unlimited matches in any one given city. This non-advertised service is available for both men and women.