Im dating a guy 15 years older than me

Am I going crazy? Am I turning into one of "those" girls? Do I really have daddy issues I was unaware about? No, no, and no. In actuality, this man is spiritually light-years ahead of most of the men and probably women, too that I've met before. He has lots of dating and other experience. He is a good communicator. He He's not going to run at the first chance he gets.

But allow me to elaborate If I want to or have to have a "talk" with my partner, he doesn't dodge or flinch at the prospect of a serious conversation. Instead, he sits right down and talks it through with me. He supports me wherever I am in my life, and talks me through whatever challenge I am enduring, making sure I have what I need.

This is often because he's been there, or somewhere similar, himself; he knows what he needed or would have needed at that time in his life.

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He has worked through or at least has tried working through most of his issues. He's not jealous or controlling. For instance, he's not worried when I talk to another guy, nor does he care how many pairs of shoes I have.

I Married A Man 16 Years Older Than Me And It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made | Thought Catalog

He loves me for just the way I am. If I fart, it's OK. If I need time to myself, he doesn't have a panic attack or yell at me for not spending all of my time with him. He helps out around the house -- whether or not I ask him to!

He does it without expectations, complains or a desire for validation. Instead, he helps from a desire simply to be attentive and kind. This, again, is likely because he has been living longer, has had more experiences and has learned from them. But wisdom is wisdom. He takes care of me, while allowing me to take care of myself. This one is a biggie! I need my independence completely, yet he is there for me when I ask for help.

No questions, no pushing, no complaining.


We support each other, but allow one another to just be. He has learned by now how to keep a job, or run a company. This marks another one off the checklist if there was one.

I Married A Man 16 Years Older Than Me And It’s The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

I can grow in ways I never imagined before. This is because every time I get upset or throw a tantrum, he doesn't scold me or dump me for it. He doesn't yell at me for it or tell me how childish I am. This allows me to take the time to grow on my own. He's "been around the block" a couple of times. In other words, he is more experienced in bed than other men I've been with, and has extra special ways to please me.

How Much Older Are We Talking?

He's not afraid of being goofy and sweet, which includes wearing pink, or donning a funny hat. I joke with people that my husband scooped me up and convinced me to marry him before I was old enough to know any better. But when I was 5, he was That puts things into a pretty drastic, and somewhat, disturbing perspective.

Older men are often selfless. They live by the belief that providing for their family is their sole responsibility. They embody this in everything they do.

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From mowing the grass and paying the mortgage to changing the oil in your car. They also aim to please in the bedroom. Lucky for us ladies. Not only do they possess an overwhelming desire to satisfy you, but with years of experience, they know their way around all your important parts. They just want you to give it to them straight, deal with it, and move on. Most older men are established in their careers.


This can be good and bad. There is definitely some truth to that. Older men are trainable.