Swolemate dating site

Not only does it connect fitness enthusiasts, but it does so globally. Meaning no matter where you are in the world — you can find a workout buddy in no time. That means finding all your best bicep shots and swole pics, typing up a snazzy bio, and setting your location to entice other fitness freaks looking for love.

The Do’s And Don’ts To Finding Your Swole Mate at the Gym - Eligible Magazine

Similar to the infamous Tinder you swipe through other profiles until you land on a lifter you like. If you know what we mean….

New connections with like-minded people who love pre-workout and long walks on the elliptical just as much as you do? Awesome — just checking! At the time of writing Tinder experiences 1,,, swipes every day! Serious thumb DOMS for sure. All you have to do is download Tinder to your phone, update your profile, and get swiping. So, bro, there you have it.

What's a swolemate

With the power of the internet, your potential swole-mates are all out there waiting to be found. Our only advice is to be smart about your dating approach. Start out with light conversation and get to know your match before booking a three-week training holiday in Hawaii. Save your precious time for the ones that go ass-to-grass every time.

Some of us can even relate since it actually happened so many times. Yet, believing it or not is still a personal opinion and shouldn't be judged. There are people that go as far as believing that everyone has a soulmate on Earth, and is bound to meet this very person at a certain moment in his or her life.

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Where there are other people believing that we all got a soulmate with who love will forever be impossible. Now, lots of people find love through shared interests, challenge and even at first sight.

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But what if you were to meet your alter-ego, yet not feel love towards that person but rather friendship? A swolemate is someone you can't lift without. Hitting the gym without your favourite pal isn't the same game at all. In fact, you might even notice less gains without this person destiny itself chose to be your gym bud.

"I can't lift without you."

You always ask your swolemate for a spot if needed and can't ask anyone else. Even if he or she is at the water fountain hydrating, you rather wait for your pal to come back and spot you rather than asking a stranger. Some like curves, others are weird.

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That's right, you and your swolemate have the exact progression, even if one of you is more advanced. If your swolemate puts up 5 more pounds, that'll be a huge motivation to try it too.

Find your perfect swole-mate

Unless of course you're worried about breaking your back, then don't. This person who looks at you while you do your sets, who make sure your posture and form is flawless. And of course, that person who screams his or her lungs out when you reach new goals. This person makes you feel better about yourself, even if you eat like a retarded starving iguana and feel like a huge pile of shit afterwards.

It's actually the other way around, your swolemate will in fact try to eat more than you, erasing the entire guilt or the act and making you feel less of an abomination to the fitness micro-society. Also, you'll get to talk about stuff you'd never talk about to anyone else, in front of a 8' calories meal. I mean, people will judge you if you receive naked pictures of your same-sex friend, even if not gay or whatever. It's the only person you are actually truly happy to see almost naked and proud to show off to your friends.

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