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When we have good understanding of our clients, what they are looking for and why, the process of finding his suitable matches starts. We do this through online and offline networking with a lot of people and when we have found a person who is a potential match for our client, we apply the same process of getting to know that person as we have done with our client.

Commentary: Government matchmaking programmes need a rethink to get singles to mingle

When we are confident that they are a good match for each other, then we introduce them with each other. As a matchmaker, we sometimes assume the role of a life coach too. For instance, in the process of getting to know our client or their potential matches, we provide feedback on how they are perceived, their thought patterns, relationship hang-ups, ability to engage etc and provide advise on how to improve.

From Hookup To Relationship: The current dating landscape is like digital pageantry — good looking men and women parading their sculpted bodies, painted faces and Instagram filters. Decent men are looked upon with suspicion and weariness.

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  • Hence, both men and women look for matchmaking service — albeit for different reasons, because it cuts all the noise out and gets them in front of eligible singles who are also looking for a relationship. Men look for our help because it saves them time — dating apps take so much time in swiping and chatting before getting on a date.

    Whereas women look for our help because we cut through all the noise and only send them men who desire to be in a relationship. The common perception about people who try matchmaking is that they must be desperate. That is absolutely not true. People buy date packages from different companies in search of Mr.

    They understand that there is some truth behind the saying that dating is a numbers games and they need all the help they can get to filter all the noise to get to the one that is meant for them.

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    7. A Matchmaker In Singapore Tells Us How She Sets People Up!

    Plus, there are some women who are looking for men who have paid for a matchmaking service. In their eyes, it means that the guy is serious about looking for a relationship.

    It takes time to build relationships. At Grouvly — we have a free membership system which enables you to meet other singles who have the desire of being in long term relationships. The other common perception is that if you are single, there is something wrong with you. This is also not true. Bed Guide For Better Sex.

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    By signing up, you indicate that you have read and agreed to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Yet such a study would require access to individual-level birth records and educational attainment data, which is currently only available to selected governmental departments. However, my personal view is that the social development programmes has not been as ineffective as most pessimists might think. Indeed, the work done by the current Social Development Network SDN and its accredited dating agencies — which include matching singles to potential partners based on their profiles and preferences, enabling them to date online, coordination of physical dates, and provision of courses and information to equip singles with the relationship skills needed to hitch a partner — have enormous potential to foster romantic relationships.

    The SDN has also since moved into accrediting dating agencies, leveraging the private sector to solve this public problem. Although we do not have data on how many children or couples got hitched because of SDN, dating agencies accredited by the SDN have reported that more men are participating in these events.


    But not everyone eligible for the SDN programme is making use of it. Part of the reason might be the social stigma involved in participation.

    And There's More

    The pool of singles engaged in the SDN programme inevitably shrinks this way, so that the number of marriages which form as a result of the programme is not as large as it could potentially be. Local dating agency CompleteMe held a mass dating event for singles at the York Hotel on Dec 14 last year. The key is therefore to ensure that singles buy-in to the idea of such activities and do not see involvement in these activities as a social stigma.

    One approach to this is through public education and advertising, to shift mindsets and normalise the search for a life partner, even before people hit the eligibility age of This way, people are less likely to be misinformed by negative stereotypes and will have a more positive picture of what the network can do for them.

    Another way SDN can extend its outreach is by not limiting its activities to certain age groups. Currently, some activities stipulate an age restriction.


    While these age restrictions may be motivated by certain economic considerations and preferences, they are ironic given that they preclude older females, who are the most likely group to be actively seeking a long-term partner.