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Strangely enough, they actually don't even have a word for 'date' in France. The closest equivalent for going on a date would be a 'rendez-vous galant,' translating to 'appointment,' according to Jennifer Seiter , a relationship therapist. But most French men would consider that term to be too old-fashioned, Seiter added. In French 'dating,' it is not atypical to be asked out in group settings versus a one-on-one get together, stated on Expatica.

It's a much more laid-back experience, different from American dating. For instance, the French commonly go to dinner parties with single friends and couples simply to enjoy each other's company, according to Expatica.

1. Bring friends on your first date

In meeting someone of interest in a group, you may then be asked to go to another group hangout or for an afternoon walk together, according to Complete France. Though not uncommon to be asked out by your waiter or your barista in the States, in France you would never ask someone out who you've known only for a few minutes, according to Seiter. The French will only ask you out after they have gotten to know you very well, Seiter added. When you start to go out with someone in France, men and women act according to their traditional gender roles in courting and during the relationship much more so than Americans, Chetrit told INSIDER.

French men are expected to pursue vigorously while the women are expected to act coy and blush at flirtation,' Chetrit said. In the US, she added, Americans determine their relationship style not by their gender, but by their unique personalities. Women, for example, can be the initiator and pursue the man. Although most Americans dread the 'Where are we? That's right, the first kiss seals the deal.

This intimacy that is established is a common basis for a relationship amongst the French, according to Chetrit.

How are French girls personality-wise?

Americans tend to base relationships off of a range of things such as friendship, attraction, etc. The reason being that the French have the same phrase for 'I like you' and 'I love you,' which is 'je t'aime. It merely translates to 'I like you a lot, baby,' according to The Local. Formerly known as Grand Rivage, the club is located on the quay that is facing the Seine river.

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It is one of the youngest clubs in this district that re opened in and looks like a big terrace on the edge of the river. The music is usually electronic, and the ticket price is always only 5 euros. There is one more important thing you should know about Garage if you plan on going there. Make sure you know the names of the performers of the night since this is how they select people who are going to get into the club at the entrance.

Yeah I know Concrete is another club that has a big terrace that looks at the Seine river. It is just a few minutes away from the Gare de Lyon, one of the main Paris Metro stations, so you won't have a problem finding this place. This beautiful place to enjoy sunset or sunrise in Paris usually plays techno and house tunes. Moreover, almost every week there is at least one popular international DJ on the decks.

Alexa Chung Learns How To Date The French Way - ALEXACHUNG

The entrance is usually free before midnight and around 15 euros after. There is no dress code, but most people usually wear something casual and hippie. This is the place where music and sunrise are more important than style and looks. All in all, this is a great place where you can kiss your newly found French girl underneath the Sun while enjoying the view of the Seine river.

La Java is another great place for a night out in Paris, especially if you like clubs that are more chill, relaxed and not too overcrowded. Hidden right beneath the shopping center in a basement, the club has quite a diverse programming, so the type of crowd depends on the type of music that is played that night.

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The dance floor is in the center of the club while there are also sitting booths at the sides of it, so you can chill and make eye contact whenever you want. You can relax on the side, sip a drink and get to know new people. Although it is a small club that is located in the north-east of Paris, this former coach station is a concert hall, a nightclub and exhibition and art space at the same time. Moreover, there is also an outdoor beach that club opens during summer days in Paris.

Most of the events are hosted at this beach during summer. This outdoor, open-air part of the club also has the dancefloor and a sitting booth where you can chill with your friends or approach to some hot and sexy French girl. Glazar hosts parties that include different genres like dubstep, drum N bass, trance, etc. The entry is usually around 10 to 20 euros, depending on the event and there is no dress code.

Quite the opposite, they are more liberated and sexual than their neighbors. If you're looking for something more serious, the site I mentioned in the online dating section, International Cupid , is worth having a look at. You need to be patient and play their game. That is the key to a successful hook up with a French girl. Be confident but not too confident.

Be subtle but not too subtle. Be a gentleman and try to be mysterious. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Rob Simpson. Should you date one?

The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman

What do French girls look like? How are French girls personality-wise? French girls like to play games Do French girls use dating apps?

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How to Impress a French Woman | Dating Tips

Here are some of the best nightclubs in Paris. Rex Club Rex club is one of the oldest clubs in Paris that is still popular. Garage If you're traveling to Paris in the summer, Garage is a great open-air place you need to visit. Concrete Yeah I know La Java La Java is another great place for a night out in Paris, especially if you like clubs that are more chill, relaxed and not too overcrowded. Glazart Although it is a small club that is located in the north-east of Paris, this former coach station is a concert hall, a nightclub and exhibition and art space at the same time.

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