Did stephen and lc hook up

Casey had spread a rumor about Alex M having a hygeine problem and coming from someone who had heard the rumour herself, "Casey said that Alex had an STD, herpes, ghonorrhea, something like that.

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You can see she was skinnier on the show but then porked up. She was not hooked on it but she was more the "jump on a bandwagon" type where if her friends did it, she would. From Nikki "She gave my now boyfriend's friend Eric who's now 24 oral for a ride home. Lo, Christina when she was drunk , Talan, Stephen, and Dieter.. None of them were real addicted smokers like Jason.

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It was more of a social thing. MTV edited footage to make it look like they didn't interact with each other at all. He moved to L. She was known as a "fairweathered friend", where she's only your friend if the mood strikes.

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She was injured and recieved money from MTV. I want this show to DIE.

Sorry, just had to get my rants out. Reply Parent Thread Link.

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  4. I get the same thing here in Palm Beach, Florida. At least you didn't get a voting scandal. Not that we probably haven't had the PB conversation before, but yeah, it is the same thing.

    ''Laguna Beach'': Stephen and LC's alone time | anendiliti.ga

    And yeah, the voting scandal fucking BLEW. I am in Fort Lauderdale, and I always get the stupid "Florida people don't know how to vote" I've seen a sample ballot and that shit was not right. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. I especially loved when the blond Alex who was friends with Kristen was all "[Casey's] make-up was so Mission Viejo" [where I'm from]. Because that made so much sense. Less Vapid Teenagers, Pretty please? Then again, pretty much every teenage girl is vapid and whiney.

    It's the same thing living in Miami.

    People don't seem to comprehend that South Beach and "models" are a fraction of the whole city. People actually ask Aussie things like "Do you ride kangaroos to school? I bet there are a lot of cool peope there that don't get recognized or get a bad name because of these sluts. Gateley says the network initially pushed for to-camera interviews, which have become commonplace on shows like The Real Housewives.

    But we knew we had something special because it confused people.

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    ''Laguna Beach'': Stephen and LC's alone time

    Gateley says she pushed back, telling her bosses the editing would fill in the story holes they wanted the interviews to cover. The first two seasons of the show were just 10 and 12 episodes, respectively.

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    6. And [MTV] also had so many new shows that were emerging … It was time to see that chapter of amazing storytelling on the network come to an end. But where does one go from here? Well, the next scene found Stephen sitting in his Rosarito motel room calling Kristin, who curtly dismissed his birthday greetings. She loves the boy so much. And for the first time for me, at least , I felt an undeniable empathy with her and her devotion to Stephen.

      Regardless, the nascent relationship at least the one before our eyes was short-lived, for Stephen had to return to San Francisco. What do you think? It almost looked as if he were giving her a pat-on-the-back buddy hug. Which of you have been juicing the Journey train?